OUP qualities

At OUP, we care not only about whether we are achieving our mission, but how we are achieving it. Expressed in the OUP Qualities, we have identified a set of characteristics that describe the behaviours we all need to cultivate and live out every day in order to continue to be successful as a business in the future. These behaviours encourage us to explore, and challenge us to work across boundaries. They set a high standard; a combination of learning and curiosity which will better inform the decisions we make and the impact we have.


We are passionate about making a positive impact. Externally, we are driven to deliver our mission and convinced of the transformative power of education and research. Internally, we strive for high productivity and seek to make the most of exciting possibilities.


We understand and engage with our external global environment. We are curious and inquisitive about the future; we make connections with people, ask questions, innovate and explore. We are open to new challenges and opportunities, and continually look to develop ourselves in order to increase our impact and effectiveness.

Core skills

As communicators we are confident, clear, and articulate. We flourish in a team environment and apply knowledge and experience to make good decisions, even in difficult conditions.


Above all else we prize honesty, respect and resilience. We are ethical, fair and courageous; thoughtful, considerate and inclusive; determined, optimistic and resourceful.