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Training teachers, transforming communities

Rahila is General Manager at OUP Pakistan.

Rahila qualified as a Computer Engineer and was planning a career where those skills could be applied. However, her belief in the impact of education on people’s lives ultimately led her down a different path.

Following the completion of her degree, Rahila began to teach at various educational levels, yet during that time she aspired to help deliver education on a much broader level. This ambition led Rahila to OUP.

Each year, OUP helps train hundreds of thousands of teachers around the world.

I have personally managed to reach out to over forty cities of Pakistan and facilitated teacher training sessions for over a hundred thousand teachers. This is a fraction of what the nationwide team has managed to do; even if these teachers take back and practice the bare minimum from our sessions, we would have impacted an exponential number of students.

Waking up feeling proud of our work and looking forward to each day with the excitement of the impact our work creates is indescribable.

This spirit of learning and development lives within OUP too. When Rahilia first interviewed with OUP, she recognized that OUP was a place that encouraged thinking and reflection and that it was looking for interesting individuals to help shape the organisation.

When I think back, it was the humility of the organisation that allowed me to find a home here.

To understand my own work—which over my changing roles has taken me to every single function at the Press—each time I have found people mentoring and coaching me with ceaseless patience and smiles. They have been there cheering me through my endeavours, pushing me to my limits, and supporting me through my failures. It is fantastic working with the amazing teams here.