Developing our people

Our commitment to innovation extends beyond the titles we publish and the resources we produce; it also underpins our approach to personal development. We believe that the skills our people bring to OUP should be just a starting point, and we actively encourage them to expand their abilities in areas which interest them and benefit OUP.

We seek to create an environment of learning and curiosity across the organisation. We invest time and resources into developing our people’s skills, helping them meet their personal ambitions as well as helping us achieve ours. Our development philosophy promotes broader career development and flexible career paths for all, and allows employees to explore opportunities across functions and geographies.

Performance and development

Our approach to performance and development is based on a framework of regular active conversations. These conversations build trust and engagement between managers and their direct reports, and ensure that individual objectives, training requirements, and career aspirations are addressed.

Exploring innovations in lifelong learning

Initiatives such as reverse mentoring and our global Learning Management System are helping embed a culture of ongoing learning and development within the experience and expectation of all of our people.